Horseware Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy Boot

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ICE-VIBE boots are a portable massage boot with hot/cold inserts to create warm or cold circulation.  They can be used before you ride, after exercise or during rehabilitation.  Using the boots before you ride can assist you to prepare your horses legs for exercise in the stable, they do this by creating a massaging effect increasing blood flow to the tendons and ligaments making them more elastic, which can help reduce the risk of injury.  The massaging effect also helps to stimulate the lymph system similar to exercise to help reduce exercise inflammation.

The standard full boot will fit most small to medium horses with Thoroughbred blood or those that are not heavy boned.  Extra full boots are designed for use on front and hind legs of bigger boned horses and for horses with long canon bones.   The extra full boot is 35cm long.

ICE-VIBE boots are wireless, rechargeable, easy to use and portable.

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Ice-Vibe can improve the realignment of the tendon fibres during the healing process. Cooling on its own only prevents inflammation by resisting blood flow and slows down the metabolism. Ice-Vibe uses the combination of cold and vibration which minimises swelling while encouraging blood flow and speeds up healing.


Just like putting miles on your car, we're putting miles on our horses every day. The blood supply to the lower limbs of a horse is very poor. Vibration stimulates blood flow to the legs, brings nutrients and removes waste.


Prepare to prevent damage. Use the ICE-VIBE boots with only the vibration pads at level three to prepare for activity.

ICE-VIBE is set at the optimum settings for different treatments:

Level 1 - treatment of inflammation with cold pack
Level 2 - rehabilitation
Level 3- boosts circulation

Each pack contains:

2 ICE-VIBE boots
2 cold packs
2 vibrating panels
2 batteries
1 battery charger and 3 adapters for universal use

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    believe.hope.dream (verified owner)

    After much research I settled on a pair of Ice Vibes for a Thoroughbred who doesn’t have the best legs to prolong his career after racing. Well they are nothing short of magic, days after they arrived he cut one of his legs and needed vet care. I use them every 2 days when I do a bandage change and there has been no swelling at all and he’s not been at all lame. Best part is it’s looking better every time. They are so versatile!!!

    • Bianca Treverton

      That’s fabulous. They are very versatile and effective. So glad we could help.

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