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RETROFLAM ™ is a blend of ingredients known to support the health of equine stomachs and hind gut.  Causes of digestive disease in horses can be stress, incorrect diet and medication side effects.  Phospholipids in soy lecithin support the integrity of stomach membrane linings.

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RETROFLAM ™ is a blend of natural ingredients, including high concentrate Phosphatidylcholine Lecithin (non GMO), good digestive bacteria, nervous system supporting B Vitamins and ingredients to support the immune system and PH balance.  This nutritional blend may assist horses exhibiting digestive imbalance such as wind sucking, wood chewing, cribbing, "girth issues", sourness and reluctance to work.


RETROFLAM includes:

  • Phosphatidylcholine Lecithin, B1, B2, B6, Magnesium, MSM, Vitamin C, Calcium, microencapsulated acid buffer and live probiotic.
  • Serving size - existing digestive imbalance is 30g per 100kg for two weeks then reduce as instructed after complimentary consultation.  3kg Retroflam is required (*see below).
  • Serving for 500kg horse for ongoing digestive health is 50g per day - 1.5kg option.


*Seek veterinary advice for existing ulcer issues.

** Correct diet is essential for equine gastrointestinal health.  Retroflam is sold with complimentary diet and health review by Julie Cook from Natures Farmacy - just phone 0417055645.

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